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This can be the bitter end.

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This shoegazer band きのこ帝国 (Kinoku Teikoku), or Mushroom Empire, formed in 2007 and started performing live around Shibuya, Tokyo in 2008. It’s a female-fronted four piece consisting of 佐藤 (Satou) (rythm guitar, vocals), あーちゃん (Ah-chan) (guitar), 谷口滋昭 (Taniguchi Shigeaki) (bass), and 西村”コン” (Nishimura “Kon”) (drums). 

Kinoku Teikoku will be headlining a week long tour in Canada with math-pop group Uchu Conbini in May. I highly advise you check them out if they play in your town

Their most recent EP “Long Goodbye” (ロンググッドバイ) (released December of last year) takes a much less aggressive approach in comparison to “Eureka” the preceding full length album that came out nine months before this one. Although in my personal opinion Eureka is their ‘swan song’ Long Goodbye is a very solid 5 track album, which also includes one of the greatest shoegaze songs i’ve ever heard, “FLOWER GIRL”. Definitely expect more from this band in the future!

Stream the EP on youtube HERE

Visit their website HERE

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" i feel small; but so are stars from a distance. "
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